About us

Meet our Team – a brief whoiswho in Sparring Gloves. Your equipment is manufactured in the wild backwoods of the Northern Poland by a bunch of no longer anonymous brownies. Have you ever wondered who exactly puts your orders together?


also called the Tyrant, Satrap, Despot, Village Leader, President, etc.

The founder and owner. The author of lame texts on the web page and Facebook. She replies to your emails – yes, it is her horrible English that you have to put up with. But she is trying, learning, and developing, and maybe, in many years, the communication will be easier and the PR – better. In private, she is the mother and breadwinner for a clowder of cats.

Michał Chlebowski a.k.a Babe

The Chief Thumbmaker and Assembler

The Chief Thumbmaker and Assembler. If your thumbs break, it is his fault. He is a terrible loafer, but once you make him work, he produces countless amounts of thumbs per day. He judged tournaments organized by Sparring Gloves. They say he is a good judge. At least that is what the ones who win the bouts judged by him say. In his spare time he scurries to and fro on motorcycles of every description. He does not like cats.

Patryk a.k.a Pati

Assistant to the Chief Thumbmaker

Assistant to the Chief Thumbmaker. Breaking thumbs are also his fault. A very atypical representative of the local folklore. Workaholic, but independent. He can be found in the workshop at any time of the day or night. He likes cats and, unfortunately, motorcycles. But even such a hunk has to have a flaw.

Szymon Chlebowski

and everything is clear

Actually, he does not work in Sparring Gloves. He wormed his way into here to promote his own products: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.181462855365956.1073741832.122196397959269&type=1
 However, he fights in SG gloves and he does it pretty well. In the last years in HEMA, he has won 11 medals, all in our equipment, although he does not like the mobility, protection, design, logo, and whatever else such a grump could criticize. But at least he is lovely. He lodges with Cone the she-cat.

Marcin a.k.a Marcin

Sales Rep and the best Manager in Sparring Gloves

He breaks the fingers of all those who do not use our gloves in tournaments. Just ask Szymon. If you are still wondering which gloves you should buy, Marcin invites you to a sparring.

Don Ziggy and Doña Cristina

They work as a duo

They are able to produce square kilometres of plastrons and gloves’ elements in 40 days. However, they like travelling and sometimes flee from work for many weeks.  Usually, they go abroad, so that I am unable to send them parts of gloves for assembling. They lodge with two cats: Lovey and Sushi.

Poraj coat of arms a.k.a. the Flower

That is right, it is not just a flower

But a graphically converted, one of the oldest Polish coats of arms. Gules, a rose Argent barbed Vert seeded Or – five-petalled silver rose on a red background. Here, five-petalled white rose on a black background. Our variation is acceptable, since the Lords of the Rose also had coats of arms in different colours. Poraj came to Poland from Bohemia in the 10th/11th century. Once, at least 500 families used this coat of arms, so the Chlebowscys lucked upon it too.

We should not forget about other mysterious and enigmatic brownies that sweat blood over meeting the quota, quality, comfort, and whole host of details, that only I and They know about

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